1. FEAR:

                Maybe it’s because you had a bad experience or a lack of knowledge in dental care.

                Finding a dentist that is gentle,caring and patient is crucial in overcoming your fears.

                Dr Yoon is that kind of dentist.  Highly experience in many fascist of dentistry.


  1. MONEY:

                Finances play major part and not having dental insurance to help cover the cost can be expensive.

                However if the dentist can get a complete examination with xrays the doctor can prioritize your treatment

                as to what should be done first and giving treatment options will help.

                Also offering some payment options.


  1. TIME:

                 Most of us have very busy lives work,home,children and social, but taken care of our selves should

                 also be a priority.

                 Good oral health is essential to overall well being.


      So don’t let FEAR,MONEY,OR TIME keep you from having healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.

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