Most dental treatments require the use of instruments such as high and low speed handpieces, ultrasonic scalers, polishers and so on. During the implementation of these instruments, the combination of compressed air and water can vaporize virus and bacteria particles in the patients oral cavity.

Highspeed dental handpieces and ultrasonic instruments are particularly problematic because of their speed (400.000 rpm or 30 K etc.) and use of water for coolant and lavage.These atomized micro-droplets can drift a range of 1-2 meters around dental chair.

These particles can also be inhaled by the dental professional, staff and other patients. During treatment, doctors and staff using ultrasonic scalers, 3- way syringe, high and low speed handpieces – generate a large amount of water and mist which combined with bacteria such as saliva, blood and other tissue in the patient’s mouth, producing aerosols.

SPACE DENTAL is equipped with Aerosol and Dust UV collector from Novavox which removes these aerosols to prevent cross-infection between the doctors and the patients. Providing a clear, dry and clean environment. Also SPACE DENTAL provides private rooms for each patients.

Published On: February 24th, 2022 / Categories: Blogs /