The term occlusal refers to the chewing surface of our teeth.

If you are damaging the occlusal surface of your teeth by clenching or grinding your teeth your Dentist may recommend an Occlusal Guard otherwise known as a Night Guard, Bite Guard, or Bite Guard.

However, we refer to it. It is a removable appliance which fits over the upper or lower teeth. This is used to prevent damage to the enamel on your teeth caused by grinding or clenching. These are destructive habits known as BRUXISM

Now Occlusal Guard doesn’t necessarily stop one from clenching or grinding, but it does protect the enamel on the teeth surface from damage. The Night Guard can also alleviate symptoms associated with Bruxism. Such as sore jaw muscles, jaw pain, head and neck pain, wearing down the enamel, and fracturing of the teeth, tooth sensitivity, and tooth headaches.

Occlusal Guard/Night Guard are similar to a sport mouth guard but are less bulky and thinner. They can be purchase at your local drugstore, but they are not a custom fit and not durable or long lasting. Your dentist can have a custom- made mouth guard to fit exactly to your mouth that is durable and long lasting.
Some of you may be wondering if you need This appliance none as a occlusal guard/night guard.

Well lest start with some of the symptoms that may indicate the need.
1. Teeth clenching or grinding.
2. Jaw pain and or stiffness.
3. Teeth that are sensitive to temperature like hot and cold.
4. Facial Pain.
5. Disrupted sleep.
6. Warn down or fractured teeth.
7. Loose or tooth mobility.
8. Headaches or earaches.
9. Morning tooth ache.
10. Someone who sleeps near you complains of hearing grinding noise.

Grinding and clenching usually occurs at night while sleeping. Most of us are not aware of that we’re doing it.
In some cases, during the daytime. This is call Bruxism a very common problem. It is estimated that approximately 10% of adults and 15% of children are affected.
Your Dentist is usually the first to recognize this problem by seeing the damages to the teeth razing the awareness to the patient.

For those of us who experience too severe Bruxism Occlusal Guard/Night Guard can be a great benefit to us.
If you have any questions regarding whether or not if you have this problem, please we advise you to see your dentist
for an evaluation to make sure you maintain good oral health.

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