SPACE DENTAL is offering In-office whitening full session for any patients who got xrays, exam, and cleaning. This is an offer to introduce ourselves into this neighborhood so get this deal!

Best whitening Brand, Highest concentration

Here is the information about the brand we use.
Opalescence Boost PF 45% HP in-office Power Whitener
Higher concentration, brighter result. However, space dental still prepared with less concentration for patients who wants more natural brightness or vulnerable for post sensitivity.

Blue UV light

We use blue UV light to boost the result.
Gels and protection will be applied around gum to minimize gum sensitivity. We don’t skip any steps!


FULL session whitening & polish your teeth at last

Our whitening session usually takes 1 hour or more. We keep replacing the gel, and in between applications removing them with peroxide to maximize the effect of the gel. Patients often feel rough or dry after a whitening session so we always finish with fine polishing.

You may get disappointed from your previous experience that free whitening turned out less than 15 min whitening without any UV light booster, or not the best whitening brands. Or turned out they just give you home self care bleach materials.

Feel free to call/text us for any questions!

Published On: August 8th, 2022 / Categories: Blogs /