I’ve created this video to show you what we do at Space Dental. I offer you the best not just great service. For me, it is very important to use proper techniques and pay close attention to details.I will share one of our cases with you.

Best outcome from compromised condition
This patient actually needed crowns for teeth numbers six through eleven that would have been ideal for her due to the fact that there was extensive decay and loss of tooth structure. However due to the patient’s finances and busy schedule she could not afford the ideal treatment option. Therefore as a plan B, we decided to place crowns on teeth numbers seven and eight and white resin fillings on tooth number six and eleven. We understand the patient’s situation may be unideal or have some limitations. Space Dental is willing to achieve the best result even in compromised situations. She already had a crown on tooth number nine which she was not too pleased with. So we decided to make some improvements.We figured we would make crowns for teeth numbers seven and eight non symmetrical to tooth number nine.

How to minimize existing risks.
I’ll give you an example. Take a look at the width and height of tooth number nine,it is almost identical.Natural teeth are longer in height,therefore we increased the height for tooth number eight by making the margin higher towards the gum line. Although at first glance they looked almost identical this small change makes a world of difference. Even if no one else can see it the patient saw and was very unhappy with it she we knew we had to make some changes for he know that and that was the reasons.Now if you notice the patient has a very deep bite,observe tooth number nine clashes with the opposing teeth meaning the lower anterior teeth it has been placed too low and do to this and the fact that she has such a deep bite she is at risk of fracturing cracking and or loosing the crown.

Details of quality dental crowns.
Quality crowns must have the proper thickness and smooth surface to properly fit right beneath the gum line this helps to keep the gums healthy. Observe tooth number nine. It is a bit bulky and the gums are red and swollen around the crown. This happens when the margins of the crown are rough even if it’s not visible since the margin is located under the gum. In comparison teeth numbers seven and eight have light pink and healthy gum which tells the crowns margins are clean and even.

Beautiful smile lines
Natural teeth have more translucency at the edge of the teeth meaning the biting part of the teeth. If a crown is made of only one color and has the same translucency everywhere it provides teeth which resemble chiclet gum in size and shape. By providing a curve of spee the edge of our teeth shows spee lines and also follows the shape of the smiling lips. See the teeth are beautifully following the shape of the smiling lips.

Hopefully our presentation has given a better idea of what details we are focusing on. Space dental considers both cosmetic and functional quality by discussing each case with the lab and the patient actively. We will be back with more cases.

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