At space dental,

Dr.Yoon is the owner dentist and she plans everything and does all the treatment. Therefore there is no confusion of the treatment process. Also there is no surprise that the dentist changes in the middle of the treatment. Getting tired of changing? Getting concerned if your new dentist is not having enough experience? Well, at SpaceDental Dr.Yoon manages everything.

In-house specialty treatments by Dr.Yoon.

Dr.Yoon provides a variety of treatments such as implant, bone graft, wisdom teeth extraction, root canal retreatment, orthodontic treatment. You name it and we do it! Therefore, the majority of the treatment can be completed in house without hassle of referring to different places and having risk of treatment getting delayed to be referred or scheduled and prognosis can be worsened.

Sameday A-Z implant placement and restoration

When one treatment involves many doctors, there can be confusion or miscommunication. For example, at space dental Dr. Yoon places the bone graft, places the implant fixture and also restores the implant crown. Therefore Dr. Yoon can remember the quality/ amount of the bone during bone graft procedure. Also when placing implant fixtures, Dr. Yoon tries to find the best angulation to provide better quality implant crowns (screw-retained crowns). Synergy happens when one dentist is fully aware and familiar with each process.

Solid long-term relationship with patients.

Sometimes charts or notes can’t tell us everything but a provider’s memory can be very beneficial. For example, there are specific locations where patients’ gums easily bleed,get swollen or food traps more often than in other areas. Sometimes xrays can tell this but not always especially at the beginning of the stage. If the same providers are continuously treating this patient, the provider will focus on observing and providing extra care of those areas during cleanings.. Or, during restoration, the provider can remember if the cavity was deep or closer to the nerve and can tell if this tooth has a higher risk of being sensitive in the future.

Dr. Yoon does all the post-op by herself. Therefore she can focus on which area she needs to check for healing or answering appropriate questions.
On average, 29% of associate dentists consider turnover after 1 year. Only 4.5% of associate dentists retire in the same position. Dr. Yoon, as an owner dentist, is willing to provide long term quality care for the community.

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