Secret tips to make quality dentures or flippers.
Live meeting with lab: When we schedule patients for denture impressions, our lab is stand-by as remote meeting so they confirm impressions, and stone model quality on live. We make sure no bubbles or defects are made on the impression and also check if the patient has any compromised undercut due to unideal position of the teeth or gum recession. Different techniques have to be approached for this condition.


Taking quality impressions: Taking impressions also requires many secret techniques. For example, we ask patients to smile, retract lips in all directions, move around tongues, asking patients to say “ah” to capture all ligaments and muscles while taking an impression. If these are not captured accurately the denture will not fit properly and will be uncomfortable. Also we customize the trays to fit better in the patient mouth.

Sophisticated customer care: After delivery of dentures, we always arrange 2 weeks post-op meetings and adjust any areas needed. Good customer service makes for a better fitting denture. Imagine you bought a new pair of shoes. No matter how well it’s designed, sometimes it needs a few weeks to get used to. Also patients need to wear the denture and give us feedback so we can target those area to improve the fit.
At Space Dental we provide different types of materials for dentures such as valplast,acrylic,and metal acrylic combo dentures depending on the location of the missing and remaining teeth,as well as finances etc. Space Dental is fully aware of the pros and cons of all dental materials. For example patients to to like valplast it provides more natural looking gums it is also slightly flexible for a more comfortable to its flexibility this pink material can be used for clasp instead of metal clasps it can also be made to match the color of each patients gums,however valplast can be harder to repair if the patients dental conditions change Space Dental provides updated hybride valplast dentures and partials with which repairs and additions can be made.Space Dental provides long lasting services.

Do you already have dentures? Learn how to clean dentures “how to clean denture


Alternative or upgraded option for dentures: Dentures are supported by surviving teeth and the gums. However, sometimes a patient feels that their denture is loose or uncomfortable if the condition of the supporting teeth is compromised such as loose or mobile teeth. Or, Denture may feel uncomfortable because they are bulkier than natural teeth. Especially full upper dentures for edentulous patients cover the palate area which makes it more difficult for patients to eat and speak. Wearing denture overtime may create gum recessions as well. Implant over dentures can provide extra support and make dentures less bulky and therefore much more comfortable.

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